Student Employment

The ARC is currently accepting applications for Peer Tutors for Spring 2023.

ARC Peer Tutor Application


If you have questions about future employment opportunities, please contact the ARC Peer Tutoring Team. 

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The Academic Resource Center (ARC) is currently recruiting Peer Tutors for STEM, quantitative, and a variety of other courses for the Spring 2023 term. We encourage you to apply if you are interested in helping fellow students and would like to share your enthusiasm for a particular subject/course. All new Peer Tutors are required to attend an on-boarding training, as well as regular tutor training meetings throughout the semester, all of which are paid. The pay rate is $19/hour for tutoring, prep work, training, and other related work.

Positions are open to both Harvard undergraduate and graduate students.* 


  • *You must be a registered, degree-seeking student in Harvard College or any of Harvard's graduate schools (except DCE).
  • Have earned an A- or better in the course(s) you want to tutor or have a faculty recommendation.**

Additional qualifications:

  • Strong interest in helping other students academically
  • Enthusiasm for subject/courses that you'd like to share with others.
  • Sensitivity towards others' difficulties with their coursework.

**Students who are already employed by a course are not permitted to tutor for that course. Graduate students who did not attend Harvard are typically eligible to tutor Harvard courses for which they took an equivalent undergraduate course or higher-level course.