Peer Tutoring

The ARC is currently hiring Peer Tutors for Spring 2023!

Please visit the Student Employment page for more information.

Student Employment

The ARC connects Harvard students with a network of trained peers who can support their learning. Peer Tutors can provide an extra layer of academic support for students by reviewing critical concepts and materials from class, clarifying points of confusion, and developing study strategies for upcoming exams. 

Students will be able to request a tutor through the Tutor Matcher and view available appointments on the ARC Scheduler as of Friday, January 27.

Tutoring will officially begin for the spring semester on Sunday, January 29.

Two ways to find a Peer Tutor

See a calendar of available appointments
with Peer Tutors*

Arc Scheduler Peer Tutoring Icon

Start with the ARC Scheduler when you:
  • want an appointment ASAP
  • are looking for tutoring in p-set &
    introductory STEM courses
  • want to select a tutor based on the
    time(s) they are available

ARC Scheduler

Match with an individual Peer Tutor who
you will coordinate meeting times with*

tutor matcher Peer Tutoring icon

Use the Tutor Matcher when you:
  • are able to wait up to a week to be
    matched to a Peer Tutor
  • want tutoring in any Harvard course*
  • want to schedule tutoring based on
    mutual availability
    with a Peer Tutor

Tutor Matcher

*Please be advised that not all classes are supported by ARC Peer Tutoring. If you do not see your course listed on the ARC Scheduler, please submit a Tutor Matcher request. Not every request can be accommodated as the ARC makes matches only when a qualified tutor is available. By signing up for a tutoring appointment or submitting a request, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the ARC Peer Tutoring Policies.

If you are in CHEM 17 or MATH 22A, consider drop-in hours. No appointment is necessary!

*Note: The CHEM 17 group on 10/27 will be from 4pm-6pm NOT 6pm-8pm. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.*


Please read the ARC Peer Tutoring Policies prior to signing up for Peer Tutoring. 

  • Students (i.e., Tutees) may sign up for two 60-minute, one-to-one sessions per course each week. Group tutoring does not count toward the weekly two-appointment per course weekly limit. A week is defined as Sunday to Saturday. Exceptions to the limit may be considered; please contact the ARC for approval.
  • Tutees are expected to come to peer tutoring prepared with questions and having reviewed the material. Peer tutors do not have access to the answers for assignments and are not permitted to check answers or work directly on homework (see Homework Policy section in the ARC Peer Tutoring Policies). 

Cancellations and Missed Appointments

Students must notify their Peer Tutor about a cancellation at least 24 hours prior to appointment start time. 

Students who miss three scheduled appointments (either by not showing up or by cancelling with less than 24 hours' notice) may lose access to participating in the tutoring program for that course for the remainder of the term and must consult with the ARC program staff to regain access.

Eligibility and Fees

Peer Tutoring at the ARC is available to currently enrolled Harvard degree candidates. Unfortunately, due to high demand, we cannot offer content tutoring for Harvard graduate students. 

Harvard College students can receive Peer Tutoring services free of charge.

Harvard Extension School admitted ALB and ALM degree candidates and Pre-medical Program participants should complete an ARC referral form and send to Sue Albrigo for additional guidance. 


Q: What courses have Peer Tutors available?
A: Peer tutors are typically available in select introductory STEM and problem-set courses. We encourage students to first check the ARC Scheduler to see if there are available tutors for their courses. However, students may also submit a request for any course they are registered in on the Tutor Matcher.

Q: What if I don't see my course listed on the ARC Scheduler?
A: Students may submit a request for any course they are registered in on the Tutor Matcher. Not every request can be accommodated as ARC makes matches only when a qualified tutor can be identified.

Q: Do Peer Tutors provide writing or editing help? 
A: No, ARC Peer Tutors do not. College students should contact the Harvard College Writing Center to schedule a conference with undergraduate tutors who provide writing support. Graduate students should contact the Fellowships and Writing Center for writing support.

Q: How much does Peer Tutoring cost?
A: Peer Tutoring is free for Harvard College Students. Please review the Eligibility & Fees drop-down for more information for other Harvard schools and programs.

Q: Is there a limit on tutoring sessions?
A: Harvard College students can book up to two hours of Peer Tutoring per week per course. 

Q: Who are ARC Peer Tutors?
A: Peer Tutors are Harvard Students who have excelled in their course and are interested in supporting their peers as they learn the concepts. 

Q: How should students prepare for a Peer Tutoring Session?
A: Prior to a Peer Tutoring session, students should review content and bring questions regarding the course material. Bring any and all materials that may be helpful to the tutor in helping the student review what was presented during class. 

Q: Where does Peer Tutoring take place?
A: Peer Tutors can meet with students virtually via Zoom or in person at a mutually accessible location on campus such as a library, study room, or dining hall. 

Q: What should students expect in a Peer Tutoring session?
A: Students should expect to discuss course topics and mains ideas, methodologies, problem solving steps and mechanisms.

Q: What should students NOT expect in a Peer Tutoring session?
A: Peer Tutors will NOT: do homework, write on the student’s papers or type on their computers, have the answers for homework, tell a student what grade they will receive, or provide material from previous semesters.

Q: I'm interested in becoming a Peer Tutor. How do I apply?
A: When Peer Tutoring opportunities are available, they will be posted on the Student Employment page

Additional Campus Resources to Support Your Coursework

Instructor Office Hours

Students are encouraged to make use of all course resources. Before signing up for tutoring, students should take advantage of faculty and TF office hours (they are the experts in the field!) and look into help offered by the course and/or department.

Harvard College Writing Center

The Writing Center is a place for Harvard undergraduates to get help with any aspect of their writing. Tutors offer one-hour conferences (by appointment) and drop-in hours. The Writing Center’s English Grammar and Language tutor is available to work with students who have questions about grammar, syntax, vocabulary, and U.S. conventions of academic writing.

Learn More

Departmental Writing Fellows Program

The Writing Program’s Departmental Writing Fellows provide discipline-specific writing support to undergraduates in specific concentrations. The DWFs are available for drop-in hours and by appointment to consult with students about argument, structure, and clarity in their writing for courses in the DWFs' departments (Anthropology, English, Government, History, Linguistics, Philosophy, Psychology, and Sociology).

Learn More


The Ec Question Center helps concentrators with questions about micro, macro, and econometrics.

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The Math Question Center invites students of Math M, 1a, 1b, 21a, and 21b to come together to work on problem sets. Staffed by Course Assistants.

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Language Tutoring Center

A free service offered to any student currently enrolled in a Department of Romance Languages and Literatures course. Students may schedule one 30-minute tutoring session per week in French, Italian, Portuguese, or Spanish.

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Language Tables

Offered by the Romance Languages and Literatures department. Share a meal and keep up your language skills outside of class.

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Statistics Research

The Department of Statistics offers free, drop-in consulting on statistical issues arising in research to anyone in the Harvard Community.

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Accessible Education Office (AEO)

The AEO meets with students to discuss accessibility concerns and barriers, reviews disability documentation to support a student’s need for accommodations, collaborates with faculty and staff to implement reasonable accommodations, and leads diversity efforts on campus to promote disability equity and inclusion.

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The Institute for Quantitative Social Science (IQSS)

IQSS provides and hosts a wide array of data science resources to facilitate and accelerate social sciences research.  Services are available to faculty, postdocs, graduate students, and undergraduates writing a senior thesis. They do not provide support for coursework. Offers trainings, workshops, and IQSS computer lab.

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If you need additional help not addressed above, please contact us!

Email the ARC team

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