Accountability Groups and Hours

Joining accountability groups and participating in accountability hours are effective strategies for getting work done because accountability sessions leverage social support and impose structure on tasks that might otherwise seem isolating or unstructured. The social support comes from the mutual commitment group members make to show up and to do the work. The structure comes from the agreement to meet at regularly scheduled times and from the idea that participants benefit from sharing their progress, stating their current goals, and articulating their next steps.

What happens at an ARC accountability session? Students come together for 45 minutes of focused, quiet work. Before that work starts and after it ends, an Academic Coach facilitates a 5- to 10-minute check-in for students to state their goals for the session and report on their progress and what they plan to do next.

ARC coach-facilitated accountability groups and hours are offered in person in the ARC at 1414 Mass Ave or virtually via Zoom. 

Enrolled Harvard College students are eligible to register for Accountability Hours, and enrolled degree candidates in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and Harvard Kennedy School, are eligible to register for Accountability Groups. For graduate students interested in learning about additional options for accountability groups, please check out the Accountability Groups for Grad Students webpage.

To register for an accountability group or an accountability hour, log into the ARC Scheduler with your HarvardKey. 

ARC Scheduler


If you are having difficulty accessing the ARC Scheduler or require any accommodations to participate in our programs, please email the Academic Resource Center.